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if you reached this web site, it’s probably because you’ve seen some informations about the closure (end of year 2015) of the hospital and emergency/surgery services somewhere in or around the city of Moutiers, or in ski resorts like Courchevel, Méribel, Les Menuires, Val-Thorens, Pralognan, Champagny, Valmorel, …

Let us explained to you more in details what is the purpose of this site :

  • 1987, a big project begin to prepar the Olympics Games in 1992. Moutiers get a new hospital
  • 2001 : closing of the maternity, even after a huge mobilisation of citizens against this choice
  • From 2004 to 2012, a lots of analyses and studies to merge Albertville (also build for Olympics Games in 1992) and Moutiers hospitals into a new one, somewhere between Albertville and Moutiers
  • 2008 : Huge mobilization from citizens to keep emergency and surgical services in Moutiers
  • 2010 : closing of surgical services between may to december
  • End of 2012, creation of the association « Collectif pour l’Hôpital de Moûtiers » to be integrated officially into meetings about the future of Moûtiers’ Hospital
  • August 2013 : before the end of the studies, it’s decided to maintain emergency services in Moûtiers, but that surgery will be removed
  • 2014 : the association realize it’s own study and explain that accounts of Moûtiers’ Hospital in good mainly due to surgery (and of course, it should be kept here)
  • March 2015 : an official study of the voice of citizens of 27 districts if launched. 7000 persons send their voice and 99% prefer the alternative solution of the association (more services for citizen and guests, and less costs)
  • 7th of April 2015, surgecy services is closed
  • 15th of October 2015, emergency services is closed
  • The extension of Albertville’s Hospital is still not finished (planned to be finished end of January 2016)
    During this time, a minimal services is proposed to citizen and guests.
    So more time to wait (and waiste), less services, less people able to be help in one time, increased risks for your health, …
  • And now ???

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